Partner with VIA Global Health to Source and Sell Medical Supplies

VIA makes sourcing critical medical products fast, easy and affordable. We partner with a global network of medical suppliers to deliver vital medical technologies to underserved communities.

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How VIA Works

Lifesaving medical supplies, global shipping solutions and a dedicated team to support medical product buyers and sellers.

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Verified Network of Medical Suppliers

We partner with medical suppliers from around the world, vetting VIA Verified Sellers to ensure they meet our standards for quality, pricing, responsiveness and trust before they can sell medical supplies and equipment on VIA’s platform

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Source & Ship Medical Equipment Worldwide

Medical distributors anywhere can source medical supplies and information such as pricing, warranty, and training materials through our transparent e-catalog. We use market insights to continuously optimize our product catalog and offer global shipping solutions for all orders.
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Secure Transactions From Quote to Delivery

We take the risk out of long-distance procurement. As a trusted platform for global health and medical supplies, we provide a secure experience for VIA Verified Buyers and Sellers, by guaranteeing payment and product delivery. Our dedicated global and local sales team is always available to assist with your questions, orders and shipments.
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Product Training, Rewards, Distributor Websites and More

Take advantage of readily available product training and buyer’s guides and earn loyalty rewards points through the VIA Rewards Program. Select distributors can work with our team to improve local presence and sales efforts with a customized distributor website.
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Medical supply buyers deserve a frictionless experience. Browse our product catalog and request a quote customized to your location, budget and timeline. Or, apply to become a VIA Verified Buyer and have access to view pricing.

About VIA Global Health

VIA was founded in 2015 as a sustainable business serving global communities through better information, access, and delivery of life-saving medical equipment and supplies. Our growing global network of customers represent or serve public, private, non-government, and faith-based organizations, and we’ve distributed vital medical technologies to underserved communities in 80 countries.

To date, VIA has positively impacted the lives of over five million people by creating and scaling universal access to globally dispersed suppliers of essential medical devices and equipment

“Working with VIA Global health has been the most satisfying experience business wise in my many years of working with international medical companies. From the impeccable communication of the international sales team through Mr. Reza Garda, to the product delivery and packaging.”
VIA Verified Buyer, Gambia


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For Buyers

VIA’s Verified Buyers are local market partners who buy medical products through our online marketplace and distribute them to those who use them locally in clinical environments. Buyers can import medical supplies and devices into their country, gain the expertise to train end users on the equipment purchased, and access resources to service and maintain medical devices.

For Sellers

There are three types of Sellers in our network: VIA Verified Sellers, VIA Qualified Sellers, and VIA Trial Sellers. Whether you’re interested in selling medical products at direct manufacturing pricing or partnering with VIA to sell at non-manufacturer rates, our team will work with you to start selling to Buyers through our expansive online marketplace.