These products are designed and made by African suppliers, for African communities.

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By engaging with our African medical equipment suppliers directly, we are able to better understand the benefits, features, and regulatory requirements that their products meet. Our top priority is to ensure that products are designed to ensure quality healthcare in African communities.
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About Our African Products

As part of our mission, we are dedicated to providing relevant healthcare solutions that are designed, built, and tested for quality healthcare in African communities. African suppliers test and engage directly with the medical leaders and end-users for feedback in order to provide relevant solutions. As a result, we ensure that our African products meet the needs of the African communities we serve.
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“We have been so impressed with [VIA’s] customer service, especially for these fairly small-scale orders. We’ve dealt with a number of biomedical suppliers that can ship to the Eastern Caribbean and our experience has not been uniformly positive. We’re very grateful for your prompt and attentive service, and very reasonable prices.“

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