Apr 23, 2020 | Latest News

VIA Global Health Has Now Positively Impacted Over 1.5 Million Patient Lives

VIA Global Health’s mission is to create universal access to the tools that enable quality healthcare, and with an emphasis on lower resource communities, we have now just passed yet another important milestone in that vision – positively impacting the lives of over 1.5 million patients.

In just the past few months VIA has made substantial deliveries of products to countries like Madagascar, Mozambique, Niger, Liberia, Cambodia, India, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and Haiti. To date, VIA has delivered hundreds of thousands of medical supplies to 61 different countries, including 29 African, 9 Asian and 16 Latin America & Caribbean countries, most of which have limited access to quality health tools, leading to decreased quality of care.

The patient lives impacted metric is what drives everything that we do at VIA, and it informs all of our company objectives. VIA was created to address and decrease the healthcare gap that exists between countries based on their level of resources and infrastructure, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only magnified this gap. During this time we are especially proud to be ensuring that critical PPE (personal protection equipment), oxygen supply, thermometers and test kits reach these underserved communities to narrow the gap and guarantee that quality healthcare exists regardless of where you live in the world.

All impact numbers are based on industry citations for potential lifecycle or patient impact of each individual device.  To contact VIA for media opportunities or to feature our work, please contact press@viaglobalhealth.com.
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VIA Global Health is reinventing the global healthcare supply chain with a vision to scale health innovation to the 6 billion people living in emerging economies. Leveraging our e-commerce and logistics platform, VIA connects global healthcare equipment suppliers to a network of verified local distributors – with a mission to create universal access to the tools that enable quality healthcare. For media inquiries please email press@viaglobalhealth.com

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