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Featured Products on the Marketplace

  • Dolphin CPAP

    A next generation bubble CPAP machine that combines the latest in respiratory care and patient monitoring technology with exceptional value.

    Regulatory Approvals: CE Mark

  • Arktek Passive Vaccine Storage Device

    Regulatory Approvals: WHO PQS

    A Passive Vaccine Storage Device (PVSD) that requires no power source and can maintain appropriate vaccine temperature for a month or more with the capacity to serve a community of 6,000 people.

  • Universal Anaesthesia Machine

    The Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM) is the only CE-certified anesthesia machine that can function without electricity and medical oxygen.

    Regulatory Approvals: CE Mark

  • Pumani CPAP

    Regulatory Approvals: CE, ISO 13485
    A low-cost respiratory device for newborns and children.
  • Emoyo KUDUwave

    Regulatory Approvals: IEC, FDA

    The KUDUwave™ was designed with one aim in mind – to make hearing testing and diagnosis accessible, accurate and dependable and most importantly, mobile.

  • Calibration Syringe

    A bi-directional, 3 litre calibration syringe for spirometers designed to manually deliver 3 litres of air with full strokes from end-stop to end-stop.

    Regulatory Approvals: FDA & CE 

  • Arbutus Drill Cover

    The Arbutus Drill Cover is a sterilizable, reusable, fully-sealed water-proof barrier and interface that allows surgeons to safely use a low-cost hardware drill within a sterile surgical environment, and has treated over 4,000 patients to date across a number of emerging markets and emergency relief situations.

  • LifeWrap Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment (NASG)

    The LifeWrap NASG is a lightweight and reusable first aid compression device used to treat shock and manage obstetric haemorrhage.

    Regulatory Approvals: CE 

  • Edan H100B Pulse Oximeter

    The Edan H100B Pulse Oximeter provides for simple and flexible patient monitoring.

    Regulatory Approvals: FDA, CE

  • MiraCradle™ – Neonate Cooler

    Regulatory Approvals:CE, ISO 13845

    MiraCradle™ – Neonate Cooler is an affordable passive cooling device which uses the advanced savE® Phase Change Material (PCM) technology to induce therapeutic hypothermia among newborns suffering from birth asphyxia.  It is easy to use, safe, light weight, portable and gives the precise temperature control of 33-34°C for a period of 72 hours with minimal manual supervision and no requirement of constant electricity supply.

  • Kenek O2 Pulse Oximeter

    Regulatory Approvals: Health Canada Class II Medical Device
    The Kenek O2 sensor, along with the free companion iOS app, combines the convenience of an Apple mobile or tablet device and a clinically accurate pulse oximeter. Your measurements and vital signs trends are always neatly organized in your mobile device.
  • EpiKwik

    Regulatory Approvals: CE, ISO 13485
    The EpiKwik disposable, single use medical device that helps to locate the epidural space and facilitate the efficient and accurate insertion of an epidural catheter and delivery of anesthetic agents.
  • Edan SE-1200 Express ECG

    The Edan SE-12 ECG Express supports both resting and exercise ECG measurements.

    Regulatory Approvals: FDA, CE Mark

  • Edan Elite V8 Modular Patient Monitor

    The Edan Elite V8 is a comprehensive modular patient monitor.

    Regulatory Approvals: FDA, CE

  • ZOLL R-Series BLS Defibrillator

    The R-Series BLS Defibrillator is a simple, smart, and ready technology provided to hospitals with care to detail.It is flexible solution to multiply needs with its Basic, OneStep pacing or OneStep pacing & pulse ox versions.

    Regulatory Approvals: FDA, CE