VIA Live Product Training Expert Webinar – Arktek Passive Vaccine Storage Device

Live-streaming (recorded) webinar with VIA Global Health hosting Aucma to present the Arktek Passive Vaccine Storage Device, streaming from China to present the product (available here).

The Arktek is a Passive Vaccine Storage Device (PVSD) that requires no power source and can maintain appropriate vaccine temperature for a month or more with the capacity to serve a community of 6,000 people. A partnership between AUCMA and Global Good, Arktek PSD was developed to safely store vaccines between 0°C to 10°C for 35 days or more, using ice packs that can be replenished for continued use. Arktek PSD requires no external power, costly set-up time, or maintenance. Automated, built-in temperature monitors ensure vaccine quality and safety. In collaboration with PATH in Senegal, and UNICEF in Ethiopia, Arktek PSD field demonstrations were successfully conducted in remote locations under a wide range of usage conditions, meeting WHO thermal requirements. Arktek PSD proved to be easy to use, effective and reliable in providing stable, appropriate temperature control without the need for external power.

To learn more about the Arktek Passive Vaccine Storage Device, click here.