VIA Live Product Training Expert Webinar – MTTS Dolphin CPAP

Live-streaming (recorded) webinar with VIA Global Health hosting MTTS to present the Dolphin CPAP, streaming from Hanoi, Vietnam to present the product (available here)

Dolphin CPAP is a next generation bubble CPAP machine that combines the latest in respiratory care and patient monitoring technology with exceptional value. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy supports the airways of preterm and low-birth weight newborns, who can breathe spontaneously but inadequately. It is a comfortable alternative to relatively invasive therapies, endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation.

Dolphin CPAP system is designed to protect compromised airways, enhancing patient comfort and optimizing infant outcomes. Its continuous gentle pressure of air decreases the baby’s work of breathing by keeping the alveoli of the lungs open, enables efficient capillary exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide to take place, helps establish and maintain functional residual capacity, prevents collapse and upper airway obstruction, and reduces apnea, bradycardia and cyanotic episodes.

To learn more about the Dolphin CPAP, visit our product page