Anesthesia Machine with Ventilator (2 Vaporizers, 3 Gas) AJ-2105


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The Anesthesia Machine with Ventilator AJ-2105 combines mechanical ventilation with anesthesia functionality. It is intended for use during surgery and has an HD 8.4” TFT color LCD display. This machine supports the use of 2 vaporizers and 3 gases. It features an ergonomic design which integrates a concise and smooth structure with easy mobility.
• Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 device
• Seller Name: Anjue Medical
• Seller Location: China
• Warranty Term: 1 year
• Regulatory Approval: EN ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001, CE
• Product Variations: Anesthesia Machine with Ventilator AJ-2102, Anesthesia Machine with Ventilator (2 Vaporizers, 2 Gases) AJ-2103

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 78 × 79 × 145 cm


The Anesthesia Machine with Ventilator AJ-2105 features an ergonomic design which integrates a concise and smooth structure with easy mobility. The microcomputer-controlled ventilator has exported sensors and other components. Its scientific design and rigorous production process are a demonstration of the inner quality of Anjue products. Mechanical ventilation is made secure and visible by the folded respiratory bellows, and the pneumatic transmission and measurement system guarantees a secure air supply. With multiple modern technologies applied, the Anesthesia Machine with Ventilator AJ-2105 is both outstanding in its performance and versatile in its functionality.

Key Features

This device has a modular design and upgrade options (upgrading is available as required by the customer). It is economic and has the proper configuration of technologies.

This ventilator has a high-definition four-tube flow-meter (oxygen, nitrous oxide, and air) that is designed with stoppers for oxygen and nitrous oxide to control the output oxygen concentration. There is also a reliable pneumatic transmission system. The high-precision vaporizer is designed with a stable concentration output, automatic compensation for pressure, temperature and flow rate. Two inhalational anesthetics (Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, and Sevoflurane) can be chosen by the customer to ensure a successful anesthesia operation. The third gas is air.

The ventilator combines microcomputer control with a high-definition 8.4” TFT color LCD display, integrating the functions of respiratory control and the display of monitoring parameters. It is versatile in function and excellent in performance.


Anesthesia Machine Performance

  • Main body: high-strength engineering plastic rack, light, beautiful and corrosion resistant
  • Scope of use: adults, pediatric
  • Gas source:
    • O2: 0.27~0.55MPa
    • N2O: 0.27~0.55MPa
  • Flow meter:
    • O2: 0.1~1.0L/min & 1.1~10L/min
    • N2O: 0.1~1.0L/min & 1.1~10L/min
    • Air: 0.1~10L/min
  • O2, N2O linkage and N2O Stopper:
    • When using nitrous oxide, oxygen concentration > 25%;
    • When the oxygen pressure < 0.2Kpa, the flow of nitrous oxide is cut off
  • Flow rate of rapid oxygen supply: 25~75L/min
  • Low oxygen pressure alarm: an alarm will sound when the oxygen pressure drops below 0.2MPa
  • Vaporizer: has an automatic compensation function based on pressure, temperature, and flow rate; the regulation range of evaporator concentration is 0~5 vol%
  • Among Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane and Sevoflurane, two can be chosen for application as required by the customer; vaporizers that are imported with their original packaging are also available
  • Respiratory circuit: 3 working modes (all-close, semi-close, semi-open); APL: 0.5~7 kPa
  • Respiratory Bellows – Adult: tidal volume range: 0~1,500 ml
  • Respiratory Bellows – Pediatric: tidal volume range: 0~300 ml

Ventilator Performance

  • Display mode: High-definition 8.4” TFT color LCD screen
  • Ventilation modes: IPPV, SIPPV, SIMV, PEEP, MANUAL, SIGH, IMV, VCV, PCV
  • Ventilation parameters:
    • Tidal volume: 50~1500 ml
    • Rate: 2~99 bpm
    • SIMV rate: 2~20 bpm
    • I:E: 4:1~1:8
    • Inspiratory trigger pressure : -1.0~2.0 kPa
    • PEEP: 0~2.0 kPa
    • Pressure range: 1.0~6.0 kPa
    • SIGH: 1.5 times the inspiratory time (70-150 adjustable)
    • Inspiratory platform: 0~50%
  • Parameters for ventilation monitoring: tidal volume, ventilation volume, IPPV rate, SIMV rate, total respiratory rate, I/E, peak pressure of airway, pressure – time waveform, flow rate – time waveform, PEEP, inspiratory trigger pressure, inspiratory platform, autonomous inspiratory rate, lung compliance, airway resistance, flow-volume loop, pressure-volume loop
  • Monitoring of oxygen concentration: 21%~100%
  • Security Alarm System:
    • Oxygen Concentration alarm: upper limit setting range = 21%~100%; low limit setting range = 10%~80%
    • Airway pressure alarm: upper limit setting range = 0.3~6.0 kPa; low limit setting range = 0.2~5.0 kPa
    • Per-minute ventilation volume alarm: upper limit setting range = 3.0~30L/min; low limit setting range = 1.0~10L/min
    • Sustained high-pressure alarm: sounds when stress has consistently been higher than 2.5 kPa
    • Suffocation alarm: sounds and lights up if there is no tidal volume input for 15 seconds
    • Power alarm
  • Power: AC 220V±10%; 50Hz±1Hz

Standard Accessories

  • Anesthesia circuit (includes strew tube, 3L bag, straight connector) (1x)
  • Extension tube (1x)
  • Bag 1L (1x)
  • Mask (1x adult, 1x child)
  • Headband (1x adult, 1x child)
  • Flow sensor (2x)
  • Oxygen sensor (1x)

Optional Accessories & Add-ons

  • UPS Storage Battery
  • Mechanical Arms
  • End-expiratory CO2 monitoring

Product Documents, Manuals & Brochures

User Manual

Regulatory Certificates

CE Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 13485 Certificate


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Studies & Trials

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Package Contents

  • 1x Anesthesia Machine with Ventilator AJ-2105
  • 1x Anesthesia circuit (includes strew tube, 3L bag, straight connector)
  • 1x Extension tube
  • 1x Bag 1L
  • 2x Mask (1x adult, 1x child)
  • 2x Headband (1x adult, 1x child)
  • 2x Flow sensor
  • 1x Oxygen sensor
  • 1x Anesthesia instructions
  • 1x Vaporizer instructions
  • 1x Warranty card


All Anjue Medical products come with a minimum one year free warranty. According to the warranty card enclosed in the packing box, the corresponding free warranty period is provided for the machine based on the date of production.


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