Arktek Deep Freeze PCM Vaccine Storage Device


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The Arktek DF – PCM is a super-insulated container that safely stores vaccines between -60℃ to -80℃ for 6.5 days and longer under hot zone conditions of 43℃. This device does not require any external power – only phase change material (PCM) packs that are replenished for continued use.
• Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 piece
• Seller Name: AUCMA Global Medical
• Seller Location: China
• Warranty Term: 3 years
• Regulatory Approval: ISO 9001
• Product Variations: Arktek Deep Freeze Dry Ice Vaccine Storage Device

Additional information

Weight 32.5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 65 × 89 cm


The Arktek DF is a super-insulated container that safely stores vaccines between -60℃ to -80℃ for 6.5 days and longer under hot zone conditions of 43℃. This device does not require any external power -only phase change material (PCM) packs that are replenished for continued use.

Health workers can easily retrieve and replace the vaccine vial stacks several times per day as the Arktek continues to stay cold and protect the vaccines. Vaccines and PCM blocks are loaded into the Arktek DF through the opening at the top of the device. The PCM blocks are first stacked against the inner wall and the vaccine carrier cups are then placed in the center. The Arktek DF - PCM requires several additional process steps and special handling protocols, including but not limited to, a specialized PCM freezer.

Key Features

The Arktek DF – PCM can hold vaccines between -60℃ to -80℃ for almost 7 days at hot zone temperature environment of 43℃/5℃.
A range of storage temperature can be supported by changing the type of PCM used. Longer hold times are possible when storage temperature requirements are above -40℃.
The Arktek can be used in cold chain distribution of vaccines.
The Arktek DF – PCM is equipped with a HOBO 4-channel thermocouple logger (HOBO) which is attached to four thermocouple (TC) sensors which monitor interior temperatures in the vaccine storage area of the Arktek.



  • External Dimensions (OD*H): 52.8 x 74.7 cm
  • Capacity: 5.4 L
  • Net Weight: 32.5 kg
  • Gross Weight: 43 kg
  • PCM Block Volume: 1L each

Operating Environment

  • Vaccine Storage Temperature: -60℃ to -80℃
  • Hold time: 7 days at 43℃/5℃ ambient temperature with daily use

Standard Accessories

  • Vaccine containers (13x small/short)
  • PCM blocks (two full sets) (16x)

Optional Accessories & Add-ons

Not applicable

Product Documents, Manuals & Brochures

User Manual

Regulatory Certificates

ISO 9001 Certificate


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How many vaccines can be held within the Arktek DF?
There are 3 vaccine stacks in the device. One middle stack (consisting of five small cups) and two side stacks (each consisting of four small cups). Each small cup can load 4 ampules (2ml), 14 common vials (4ml) and 4 wide vials (8ml).
How do PCMs work to keep vaccines cold?

This specialized use of the Arktek device employs a particular type of PCM in place of the more typical frozen water ice blocks. PCMs are known for their ability to store or release energy in transition
between solid (frozen) and liquid (melted) or gas states. The freeze-melt transition temperature varies widely across the range of available PCMs. The suitable PCM that is used in this application has a melting point of -65°C, which is within the required vaccine storage temperatures range of -60°C to -80°C.
During phase transition from solid to liquid, a PCM maintains a constant temperature until all of the PCM has melted. Typically, the amount of energy required to melt a PCM is large. Combining the large amount of energy required to melt with the very low heat leak for the Arktek device can result in hold times of 6-7 days if properly used at typical African temperatures.

Do I need specialized freezing equipment to use this device?
Yes. Multiple powered freezers need to be used to prepare the Arktek DF for use. The freezers required serve two different purposes, each with its own specified temperature range:

  • PCM Freezers: These are used for fully freezing the PCM blocks in the range of -80°C to -86°C.
  • Vaccine Freezers. These are used for keeping vaccines cold within a range of-60°C to -80°C.
  • Any location that stores vaccines and also freezes PCM blocks will need to have at least one freezer of each kind on site.

    Studies & Trials

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    Package Contents

    • 1x Arktek DF – PCM
    • 13x Vaccine containers (small/short)
    • 16x PCM blocks (two full sets)


    Three-year warranty on the device is included at no extra cost. Under warranty coverage, the manufacturer will repair or replace device components that have failed in the use of the device for its designed intent.

    Free warranty coverage does not include the following cases:
    Damage caused by improper use or improper maintenance.
    Damage caused by attempted repairs done by a non-designated repair department.
    Damage caused by force majeure.
    Damage occurring after the warranty period has expired.


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