Arktek Passive Vaccine Storage Device


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The Arktek Passive Vaccine Storage Device (PVSD) requires no power source and can maintain appropriate vaccine temperature for one month or more with the capacity to serve a community of 6,000 people.
• Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 piece
• Seller Name: AUCMA Global Medical
• Seller Location: China
• Warranty Term: 3 years
• Regulatory Approval: ISO 9001, WHO PQS


The Arktek Passive Vaccine Storage Device (PVSD) is based on proven technology used for decades to protect spacecraft from temperature extremes. The Arktek PVSD is a super-insulated container optimized to safely store vaccines between 0°C to 10°C for 35 days using only ice packs. This container requires no external power source and can keep vaccines cold for one month using one set of ice blocks.

Health workers can easily retrieve and replace the vaccine vial stacks several times per day as the Arktek continues to stay cold and protect the vaccines. Vaccines and ice blocks are loaded into the Arktek PVSD through the opening at the top of the device. The ice blocks are first stacked against the inner wall and the vaccine carrier cups are then placed in the center.

Field tested in remote health posts in Senegal and Ethiopia under a wide range of usage conditions, the Arktek PVSD successfully achieved hold times of 35 days in all use cases. The PVSD presented potential cost saving advantages in remote settings, demonstrated fit with existing vaccine logistics systems, and proved easy to use, effective and reliable for routine storage of vaccines.

Key Features

The Arktek PVSD can hold vaccines between 0℃ and 10℃ for over a month using only a single load of ice at hot zone temperature environment of 43℃/25℃. It can handle rough roads and harsh environments.

Designed to work easily with typical replenishment cycles. The Arktek PVSD provides capacity to serve a community of up to 6,000 (at 250cc per fully immunized child).

The Arktek PVSD is equipped with temperature sensors and onboard electronics that will alert the user if the interior goes below the safe temperature range.



  • Dimensions: 52.8*74.7cm
  • Weight (Empty): 22kg
  • Weight (Full): 39.5kg
  • Net Weight: 26.5kg
  • Capacity: 5.4 L
  • Unit Dimension (OD*H): YBC-5

Operating Environment

  • Vaccine Storage Temperature: 0℃ to 10℃
  • Hold time: 35 days at 43℃ / 25℃ ambient temperature

Standard Accessories

  • Ice blocks (8x)
  • Vaccine cups (5x tall, 6x short)

Optional Accessories & Add-ons

Not applicable

Product Documents, Manuals & Brochures

User Manual

Maintenance Manual

Vaccine Stacks User Manual

Regulatory Certificates

ISO 9001 Certificate



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Studies & Trials

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Package Contents

  • 1x Arktek PVSD
  • 11x Vaccine containers (5 big, 6 small)
  • 8x Ice blocks (one full set)


Three-year warranty on the device is included at no extra cost. Under warranty coverage, the manufacturer will repair or replace device components that have failed in the use of the device for its designed intent.

Free warranty coverage does not include the following cases:
Damage caused by improper use or improper maintenance.
Damage caused by attempted repairs done by a non-designated repair department.
Damage caused by force majeure.
Damage occurring after the warranty period has expired.


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