Transport Incubator TINC 101 – Collapsible Trolley


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The Transport Incubator TINC 101 is an incubator that has been specially designed for transporting babies safely and without disturbance. This version of the Transport Incubator TINC 101 comes with a collapsible trolley for easy vehicle transport.
• Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 device
• Seller Name: Phoenix Medical Systems
• Seller Location: India
• Warranty Term: 1 year
• Regulatory Approval: CE, ISO 13485
• Product Variations: Transport Incubator TINC 101 – Fixed Trolley


The Transport Incubator TINC 101 makes it possible to transfer newborn babies between medical facilities while continuing to provide the necessary incubation support they need. Any major disturbance during transport can be harmful to the baby. This version of the Transport Incubator TINC 101 comes with a collapsible trolley specially designed for transporting babies safely and without disturbance.
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Key Features

Can be moved effortlessly.

Can be used in conjunction with ventilators and other equipment and adapts to all ambulances.

Multi-Position Restraint Straps
Straps to hold the infant securely during transport.

Observation Capability
Provided with a gooseneck lamp to facilitate illumination of any part of the baby as desired.

Specially-designed access ports to protect infant from the stress of acoustic vibrations.

Safe Breathing
Sufficient storage space for two oxygen cylinders.

Ample Power
3-hour battery backup.

Collapsible Trolley
With the collapsible option, the stand self-folds at its station in the transport vehicle.



  • Infant Bed: 67 x 37 x 3.5 cm
  • Mattress: 63 x 33 x 2.5 cm
  • Acrylic Canopy: 80 x 43 x 33 cm
  • Overall Dimensions (without trolley): 104 x 61 x 70 cm (with IV pole), 104 x 61 x 49 (without IV pole)
  • Collapsible Trolley: 200 x 56 x 83 cm


  • Noise Level Inside: <60 dB
  • Temperature Rise Time: ~30 mins ± 20%
  • Temperature Variability: ≥ 1.0°C
  • Temperature Overshoot: ≤ 1.0°C

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature: 5°C to + 40°C
  • Humidity: 0% to 90% RH, non-condensing

Storage and Transportation

  • Temperature: 5°C to + 50°C


  • AC: 110-230V, 50/60Hz, 150/300W
  • Mains Fuse: -F8A, 230V-F4A
  • DC External Supply: 13.5-16V, 150W F15A
  • Battery Type: SLA, rechargeable
  • Battery Voltage: 12VDC nominal
  • Battery Fuse: 15 Amp
  • Battery Quantity: 2
  • Battery Capacity: 12 ampere hours each

Standard Accessories

  • Collapsible trolley (1x)
  • IV stand (1x)
  • Infant skin temperature probe (1x)
  • Air temperature probe (1x)
  • Observation lamp (1x)
  • Access door (elbow operated) (1x)
  • Irish port (1x)

Optional Accessories & Add-ons

  • Oxygen cylinder 5 liter capacity (aluminum)
  • Transport ventilator
  • Infant skin temperature probe
  • Air filters extra (10 pack)

Product Documents, Manuals & Brochures



Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania

Regulatory Certificates

ISO 13485 Certificate

CE Certificate


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Studies & Trials

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Box Contents

  • 1x Transport Incubator TINC 101 with Collapsible Trolley Main Unit
  • 1x IV stand
  • 1x Infant skin temperature probe
  • 1x Air temperature probe
  • 1x Observation lamp
  • 1x Access door (elbow operated)
  • 1x Irish port
  • Warranty

    This warranty covers repair/replacement of any defective hardware items, contingent to these defects having arisen only out of defective material or workmanship. If brought to the notice of Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd in writing on or before the date of expiry of the warranty mentioned on the warranty card. The warranty is applicable for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning or 13 months from the date of despatch from Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd whichever is earlier. This parts or products not manufactured by Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd but supplied as a part of an equipment shall be covered by this warranty.

    The warranty does not cover:
    Misuse, negligence, accidents and improper handling. Improper installation or maintenance practice or any alteration carried out on the equipment. Wear and tear occurring due to normal usage.