EVA System – Mobile Colposcope 3 Plus


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The EVA (Enhanced Visual Assessment) System is a powerful tool for visualizing the cervix and coordinating screening and treatment services for patients across all levels of care.
• Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1
• Seller Name: MobileODT
• Seller Location: Israel
• Warranty Term: Not applicable
• Regulatory Approval: ISO 13485, US FDA, CE


The EVA System integrates a colposcope, light source and lens with a mobile phone and medical grade adapter case to permit direct viewing of the tissues of the vagina and cervix by an imaging system located outside the vagina. This imaging system enables qualified health professionals to inspect the vagina, cervix and anus, under conditions ranging from normal clinical visits to field hospitals. The device is reusable and does not come into contact with the patient. It allows for image capture, storage and transfer of clinical images for patient management purposes and when enabled, communication with electronic medical/health records (EMR/EHR).

The EVA System strengthens all cervical cancer programs, including those using VIA, VILI, HPV, and/or Pap. The EVA System is being used to screen women globally, including sub-Saharan Africa, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Components include a polarizer, lens and an LED light source as well as a battery pack, main body, and lens system. Mobile phone sold separately.

Key Features

The mobile colposcope is FDA approved, easy to use, and equipped with a reliable light source and a powerful magnification lens for enhanced visualization. The physical device is combined with a user-friendly, HIPAA compliant mobile application for patient image and data capture that enables remote consultation, patient tracking, and referral coordination.

Hardware Design
The EVA System uses a mobile colposcope designed for durability and portability. It features a ultra-bright light source with cross-polarization to reduce glare, a lens which enables up to 17x magnification for superior imaging, and a rechargeable, long-lasting battery for up to 10 hours of continuous use.

Software Design
The EVA System runs on secure software to allow for real-time enhanced visualization of the cervix, empowering health providers to securely enter and review patient images and data, consult in real-time or asynchronously with remote experts for decision support, and counsel and educate patients using cervical images to improve engagement. All information and patient data are securely stored in the online EVA System portal, which is accessible by designated personnel. Program managers and clinical supervisors can review screening results and consultation decisions from anywhere in the world, access program level analytics for quality assurance and supportive supervision, and integrate EVA System data with electronic medical records software via APIs.

Cloud Based Information System
The EVA Cloud provides secure, everywhere access, to real time data to monitor provider utilization cases reviewed, anonymized patient statistics, and intuitive tools to enhance quality control and quality improvement opportunities.


Phone Compatibility

  • Samsung J5
  • Moto G2
  • Moto G3


  • Colposcope: 20.8 x 7.8 x 11 cm (with lens) | 20.8 x 7.8 x 6 cm (without lens); 400g
  • Lens: 93.1 mm long x 30mm diameter; 108g


  • For Samsung J5:
    • Working distance: 225mm – 425mm
    • Magnification: 4.0X optical/17X with digital zoom (at 250mm) | 3.8X optical/16X with digital zoom (at 450mm)
    • Field of view: 54mm (at 250mm) – 106mm (at 450mm)
    • Depth of field: 17mm (at 250mm) – 34mm (at 450mm)


  • Lamp type: 6500K 3W LED
  • Lamp voltage: 3.6V


  • Charger input voltage: As rated by MicroUSB charger
  • Frequency output: 5V DC

Operating Environment

  • Ambient temperature: 50°F (10°C) to 105°F (40°C)
  • Relative humidity: 95% max
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 70kPa – 110kPa

Standard Accessories

  • 1x Lens
  • 2x Phone brackets (1x upper, 1x lower)
  • 1x Neck strap

Optional Accessories & Add-ons

Not applicable

Product Documents, Manuals & Brochures



User Manual: Hardware

User Manual: Software

Optical Specifications

Regulatory Certificates

FDA Approval


Package Contents

  • 1x Mobile colposcope body
  • 1x Lens
  • 2x Phone brackets (1x upper, 1x lower)
  • 1x Neck strap
  • 1x Web portal access
  • 1x User guide


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“I like it because I find it simple, easy-to-use, and very portable.
The fact that it is not energy dependent and that the battery can last for more than two weeks is a major advantage in the field.
The use of the internet service allows [me] to have a secure database, available at any time and with the opportunity to compare [results], consult a colleague, and review the decisions.”

– Dr. Antonio Jean-Baptiste, Haiti

“The EVA System is one of the greatest things to happen to women’s cervical health. It is really amazing to go back and review results versus my initial impression of individual lesions.”

– Bonnie Betts, Nurse Practitioner, FPA Medical