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Folia’s Antiviral Face Masks are medical-grade, level 3 face masks that destroy 99.97% of SARS-CoV-2 in 1 hour. Folia provides extra protection against COVID-19 to the general public, front-line workers, immunocompromised individuals, and high-risk families.
● Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1000 masks
● Seller Name: Folia Materials
● Seller Location: United States
● Warranty Term: Not applicable
● Regulatory Approvals: ISO 18184, AATCC F2100

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Folia Materials has developed an antiviral disposable face mask that destroys 99.97% of SARS-CoV-2 after 1 hour (ISO 18184). Folia’s antiviral outer layer contains silver nanoparticles, which have a proven ability to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Masks made with Folia's antiviral nonwoven outer layer meet all 3rd party testing certification requirements for medical grade masks (F2100, ASTM Level 3).  Folia’s antiviral mask is sufficiently protective for healthcare workers and general consumers.

Key Features

The Folia Antiviral Mask is designed with a unique antiviral nano-silver coating that eliminates 99.97% of SARS-CoV-2 within 1 hour. The antiviral outer later protects the wearer from transferring the virus from the surface of the mask to the hand. The melt blown filtration middle layer filters >99% of viruses and bacteria. And the breathable inner layer provides a soft inner layer that is easy to breathe through and comfortable on the wearer’s face.

Patented Technology
The Folia Antiviral Mask was developed by a team of materials science PhDs. It is patented technology, invented and manufactured in the USA. This is a premium mask that is priced for high volume sales.



  • Outer layer: Silver and wood-based nonwoven
  • Middle layer: Melt blown polypropylene
  • Inner layer: Non-woven polypropylene
  • Other: Elastic ear loop string, metal/plastic nose band


  • Bacterial filtration efficiency: >99%
  • Particle filtration efficiency: >99%
  • Viral filtration efficiency: >99%

Sizing and Customization

  • Available sizes: adult and kids
  • Labeling: customizable labels available

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Regulatory Certificates

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Package Contents

  • 25x Folia Antiviral Masks


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