HEMAFUSE Demonstration Kit for Distributors


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The HEMAFUSE Demonstration Kit for Distributors is a non-clinical, non-sterile Hemafuse product intended for market survey, lead creation and use simulations to clinicians and hospital management.
• Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 piece
• Seller Name: Sisu Global Health
• Seller Location: United States
• Warranty Term: Not applicable
• Regulatory Approval: This product is for demonstration purposes only and not for clinical use.
• Product Variations: HEMAFUSE Pump with 25 Filters and Accessory Kits, HEMAFUSE Pump with 5 Filters and Accessory Kits

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 21 × 16 cm


The HEMAFUSE Demonstration Kit for Distributors includes 1 non-clinical, non-sterile Hemafuse System (Hemafuse Pump and Hemafuse Filter and Accessory Kit), housed in a convenient bag, for use in sales pitches and simulated use. Included in the purchase of a demonstration kit is a copy of the Hemafuse Product Brochure and a single live, 1-hour training session for relevant distributor staff from a certified Sisu team member. Distributors who purchase the Hemafuse Demonstration Kit for Distributors will also have access to supplemental training materials as they are released. In Ghana only, first time buyers of the HEMAFUSE Demonstration Kit also receive a free HEMAFUSE Pump with 5 Filters and Accessory Kits.

Key Features

This Demonstration Kit is a non-clinical version of the HEMAFUSE System, housed in a convenient carrying bag. This kit can be used to simulate the features of the HEMAFUSE System for demonstration purposes. In addition, training and marketing materials are included.


Non-sterile, non-clinical Hemafuse System. For more information on the clinical specifications, please refer to the clinical HEMAFUSE Pump. This Demonstration Kit is for demonstration and marketing purposes only.

Standard Accessories

  • HEMAFUSE™ Pump: Collection barrel, plunger, O-ring and nozzle (1x of each)
  • HEMAFUSE™ Filter (1x)
  • HEMAFUSE™ Accessory Kit: Yaunker tip and suction connector, short tubing section, long tubing section, male leur lock, stopcock and blood bag spike (1x of each)
  • Simulation blood bag (1x)
  • Grey carrying bag (1x)
  • Live training session (1 hour)
  • Optional Accessories & Add-ons

    Not applicable

    Product Documents, Manuals & Brochures


    Company Summary

    User Manual

    Product Diagram

    Regulatory Certificates

    ISO 13485 Certificate

    Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board Certificate


    Package Contents

  • 1x HEMAFUSE™ Pump: Collection barrel (with applied autoclave Tape), plunger, O-ring, umbrella valves (2x) and nozzle
  • 1x HEMAFUSE™ Filter
  • 1x HEMAFUSE™ Accessory Kit: Yaunker tip and suction connector, short tubing section, long tubing section, stopcock, stopcock connector and blood bag spike
  • 1x Simulation blood bag
  • 1x Grey carrying bag
  • 1x Instructions manual
  • 1x Product brochure
  • 1 hour live training session
  • Warranty

    1 year after delivery


    Dr. Anthony Wanjala

    Kapenguria County Referral Hospital

    “With the acute shortage of blood, espeically in far-flug areas, autotransfusion is a lifesaving option in the event of massive internal hemorrhage. In this regard, Hemafuse is a cheap, easy-to-use  & safe gadget to help accomplish this”

    Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Pakistan, Canada, Mexico, United States, Albania,AL
    Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan,Belarus,Belgium,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Bulgaria,Croatia,Cyprus,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,Georgia,Germany,Greece,Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Italy,Kazakhstan,Kosovo,Latvia,Liechtenstein,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Macedonia,Malta,Moldova,Monaco,Montenegro,Netherlands,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Russia,San Marino,Serbia,Slovakia,Slovenia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,Turkey,Ukraine,United Kingdom,Vatican City,

    Dorthy Kesewah Denkyi

    Tema General Hospital

    “Autotransfusion is the best… It’s better than giving someone else’s blood to the patient. Now that Hemafuse is here [in Ghana], we are advocating to get more in the system. Every theatre should have one, if not one, two.”