Neonatal Care Resuscitation Centre NRC 100

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The Neonatal Care Resuscitation Centre NRC 100 is an infant care centre with a servo-controlled warmer with oval bed, resuscitation unit and suction unit.
• Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 device
• Seller Name: Phoenix Medical Systems
• Seller Location: India
• Warranty Term: 1 year
• Regulatory Approval: CE, ISO 13485

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The Neonatal Care Resuscitation Centre NRC 100 with a servo-controlled warmer and oval bed is easy to use and has a scientifically designed structure to provide easy all-round accessibility.
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Key Features

Accurately Controlled Thermal Environment
The heater unit maintains the baby at the optimal environment.

Oval-Shaped Baby Bed with Side Panel
The single-piece, crevice-free bed is easy to clean and maintain. Its oval shape permits access from all around and the transparent door’s height is easily adjustable to the care-giver’s convenience.

Resuscitation Unit with Hand-Operated Port
Safe and reliable, and provided with autoclavable silicone hose.

Suction Unit
Oxygen-powered and does not need electricity (electrical unit optional).

Safety Alarms
Clear visual and acoustic alarms for complete safety of infant. Separate electronic units to monitor system failure and heater failure.

Examination lamp
Dazzle-free examination lamp.

IV Stand
IV pole and monitor tray are provided for mounting and using multiple infusion pumps simultaneously.

Control Panel
Intuitive, easy-to-use design with large, bright display keys positioned for maximum convenience.


Available upon request

Standard Accessories

  • Resuscitation unit (1x)
  • Suction unit (1x)
  • Skin temperature probe (1x)
  • IV pole (1x)
  • Mayo tray (1x)
  • Optional Accessories & Add-ons

    • Motorized height adjustment
    • Apgar Timer
    • Swivel utility draws under the bed (2x)
    • Skin Temperature Probe (additional)
    • Pin indexed yoke mechanism with Cylinder Stand (each)
    • Pressure regulator to clamp cylinder
    • Oxygen cylinder with connection (5 litre – empty cylinder)
    • Suction Jar (1000 ML)
    • IV pole on both sides (no monitor tray provided) each

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    Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania

    Regulatory Certificates

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    ISO 13485 Certificate

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    CE Certificate


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    Package Contents

  • 1x Neonatal Care Resuscitation Centre NRC 100 – Including Servo-Controlled Warmer with Oval Bed
  • 1x Resuscitation unit
  • 1x Suction unit
  • 1x Skin temperature probe
  • 1x IV pole
  • 1x Mayo tray
  • Warranty

    This warranty covers repair/replacement of any defective hardware items, contingent to these defects having arisen only out of defective material or workmanship. If brought to the notice of Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd in writing on or before the date of expiry of the warranty mentioned on the warranty card. The warranty is applicable for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning or 13 months from the date of dispatch from Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd, whichever is earlier. The parts or products not manufactured by Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd but supplied as a part of an equipment shall be covered by this warranty.

    The warranty does not cover:
    Misuse, negligence, accidents and improper handling. Improper installation or maintenance practice or any alteration carried out on the equipment. Wear and tear occurring due to normal usage. Consumables such as skin temperature probe, CFL lamps carry a warranty of six months.