REVITAL Infusion Set – Premium


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The REVITAL Infusion Set – Premium is a single-use, gravity feed IV infusion set used in the administration of fluids and medications. It is made of an extra strong air vent spike with a bacteria barrier at the air inlet, and with a flexible drip chamber with vent facilities rapid adjustment of fluid level.
• Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 400 pieces
• Seller Name: REVITAL Healthcare (EPZ) Ltd
• Seller Location: Kenya
• Warranty Term: Not applicable
• Regulatory Approval: ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, WHO-GMP, Kenyan Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Kenyan Bureau of Standards, Tanzania Food and Drug Authority
• Product Variations: REVITAL Infusion Set – Economy, REVITAL Infusion Set – Regular

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The REVITAL Infusion Set - Premium is a single-use, gravity feed IV infusion set used in the administration of fluids and medications as well as parenteral nutrition. It consists of a spike cover, spike, drip chamber, air inlet device, fluid filter, PVC tubing, flow regulator, injection site, female fitting screw, latex rubber connector and stainless steel needle with a green hub packed in an HMHDPE Pouch.

Key Features

This Infusion Set is designed for a gravity feed only. It delivers approximately 20 drops/ml. It has a transparent and flexible drip chamber with a 5 micron fluid filter in the drip chamber which aids in the reduction of particulate matter. The soft and kink resistant PVC tubing ensures a uniform flow rate. The smooth roller clamp facilitates easy and safe control and adjustment of fluid rates.



  • Needle: 21G, 1.5 inch
  • Standard Tube Length: 150cm
  • Tube Diameter: ID2.8mm, OD 4.1mm

Standard Accessories

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Optional Accessories & Add-ons

  • Latex free injection site with Y-connector Luer lock

Product Documents, Manuals & Brochures

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Product Guide

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Package Contents

  • 50x REVITAL Infusion Sets – Premium – Each containing:
    • 1x Chamber (protective cap, spike, drip tube, fluid filter and drip chamber)
    • 1x Tubing
    • 1x Flow regulator
    • 1x Injection site with latex or Y connector
    • 1x Needle


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