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The TempWatch is a simple, innovative bracelet which detects and alerts in the event of hypothermia, facilitating improved thermal care of newborns.
• Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 5 pieces
• Seller Name: BEMPU Health
• Seller Location: India
• Warranty Term: 1 year
• Regulatory Approval: CE, ISO 9001, Kenyan Pharmacy and Poisons Board

Additional information

Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 26.0 × 15.0 × 32.0 cm


The TempWatch is a simple, innovative bracelet that continuously monitors a newborn for hypothermia during its first four weeks. The bracelet enables early intervention by alerting caregivers of otherwise unnoticed temperature variations, protects babies throughout the critical neonatal period, even after they are discharged from the hospital, and promotes weight gain by preventing prolonged cold stress.

Key Features

The TempWatch is easy to use. If an infant wearing the bracelet is hypothermic for 5 minutes, the device sounds an alarm and blinks an orange light to alert the caretaker to warm the infant. Once warm, the device returns to blinking a blue light every 30 seconds implying normothermia.

The device is adjustable in size to fit low weight, preterm and normal weight babies. It is designed for use at home and in clinical settings, and it promotes kangaroo mother care.

All materials are hypo-allergenic, medical grade, and bio-compatible as per ISO-10993 standards. The device does not emit any radiation or waves and does not have any potential to interfere with equipment in hospital or at-home settings.



  • Package Dimension: 110mm x 27mm
  • Band Weight: 9g


  • Silicone Band: 100% hypo-allergenic medical-grade silicone, biocompatible as per ISO-10993 standard
  • Thermistor Metal Cup: Stainless Steel SS-316L, same as that used in medical devices such as temperature-sensor probes found in NICUs
  • Plastic Casing: Food Grade ABS (non-toxic)

Indication States

  • Normothermia: Blue light blinks once every 30 seconds; no alarm
  • Hypothermia: Orange light blinks once every 5 seconds; alarm sounds for 1 minute and repeats every 5-15 minutes
  • Band Not Worn: White light blinks once every 30 seconds; no alarm

Diagnostic Accuracy

  • Sensitivity: 98.5%
  • Specificity: 95%
  • Positive Predictive Value: 83.5%
  • Negative Predictive Value: 99.6%
  • Accuracy: 95.7%

General Information

  • Intended User: Newborns weighing 0.8 – 3.6 Kg
  • LED Indications: Orange, Blue and White
  • Alarm Volume Range: 70dB – 85dB
  • Device Life: 28 days


  • Operating voltage: 2.8-3.3V DC
  • Power source: CR-1632 Coin Battery (120mAH)

Standard Accessories

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Optional Accessories & Add-ons

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Seller Summary

Regulatory Certificates

CE Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate

Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Certificate



“The BEMPU bracelet was extremely helpful in maintaining the baby’s temperature. We all took turns performing KMC regularly. The TempWatch worked well.” – Rajasthani mother

“Bempu beeped in the night and early morning hours. Whenever it beeped, I did KMC. I was told that my baby can get cold easily and he needs warmth.” – Rajasthani mother

Package Contents

  • 1x TempWatch Device
  • Warranty

    Standard 1 year warranty