Unilyte – Oral Rehydration Salts 20.56g Satchets


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Oral Rehydration Salts, Satchets 20.56g
● Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 5000 pieces
● Seller Name: CDI Africa
● Seller Location: Kenya
● Warranty Term: Not applicable
● Regulatory Approvals: Kenyan Pharmacy and Poisons Board; Zambia Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority

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Additional information

Weight 19.47 kg
Dimensions 78.5 × 38.6 × 13.4 cm



  • Container Type: Satchet
  • Volume: 20.56g


  • Each satchet contains: 13.50g Glucose Anhydrous B.P, 1.50g Potassium Chloride B.P, 2.90g Trisodiumm Citrate B.P, 2.60g Sodium Chloride B.P
  • Non-medicinal ingredients: 0.00978g Colour FD & C Yellow No.6, 0.042g Flavour Orange

More Information

United States

Zambia Certificate

Rwanda Certificate

Package Contents

  • 1000 Sachets

Shelf Life

3 years


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