Sell on VIA

VIA expands your reach with buyers in over 93 countries. We help you expand the geography within which your life-saving medical technologies are available. With VIA, you gain access to markets that are often hardest to reach but where medical equipment is most needed.

Why Sell with VIA?

Selling with VIA unlocks access to buyers in fragmented markets while minimizing the risk of doing business in emerging economies.

Reach more buyers

Selling with VIA expands your product’s reach to markets where your product is most needed and least available.

Expert logistics management

We partner with trusted logistics providers to ensure successful product delivery regardless of shipment size.

Improved product awareness

Our product team collaborates with you to design your product page to showcase the qualities that differentiate your product.

Low risk market entry

VIA takes on the risk of doing business with SMEs. When you sell with VIA, your transactions are always directly with us. 

Facilitated transaction

VIA’s sales representatives manage buyer inquiries, orders, and payments, saving your team from quote fatigue and providing exceptional customer service.

Customized data and insights

Thanks to our broad product range and reach, we ‘see’ more of the market than anyone else and we share that insight with you. 

Who is buying from VIA?

VIA’s buyers are local market partners in emerging economies with whom we have built trusting relationships. Our buyers can import and register a product if necessary, and then distribute products to medical professionals who use them in clinical environments.

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Organizations that Trust and Support Us

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“We love working with VIA Global Health and we will always work with them whenever possible to expand and serve new countries. We can always count on VIA Global Health to know their stuff and be a trusted partner whether we are conducting marketing or fulfillment activities!”

Grace Hsia

Co-Founder and CEO, Warmilu

How to begin selling on VIA?

Connect with a VIA Account Manager.

Onboard your products with support from a VIA product specialist.

Your product page is promoted to VIA’s Buyer Network.

Your product is purchased! Receive a PO and collaborate with our logistics team to coordinate shipping.

Pay our service fee only when your product sells.

Actively Seeking Products in These Top Categories

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Women’s Reproductive Health
A growing demand for cervical cancer screening and treatment technologies has made women’s reproductive health one of our fastest growing categories and one we’re looking to further expand.

Neonatal Respiratory
We are actively seeking newborn respiratory support devices, such as bCPAPs, ventilators, resuscitators, and related consumables to add to our catalogue.

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Postpartum hemorrage icon
Postpartum Hemorrhage
VIA is committed to improving access to health innovations that combat maternal mortality caused by postpartum hemorrhage. Share your products with us if you share this same goal.

Where You Can Sell With VIA

We have successfully delivered products to buyers in over 93 countries. Our dedicated logistics team handles the shipping of products directly from your warehouse to the buyers, minimizing your efforts. While we primarily focus on expanding our buyer networks in Africa and Latin America, we are also gaining traction in certain parts of Asia.


Get in touch with us to speak to a VIA representative about how VIA can help you reach more customer across the globe.