What VIA Customers are Saying


Prompt and Attentive Customer Service

We’ve been so impressed with your customer service, especially for these fairly small-scale orders. We’ve dealt with a number of biomedical suppliers that can ship to the Eastern Caribbean, and our experience has not been uniformly positive. We’re very grateful for your prompt and attentive service, and very reasonable prices.

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VIA Verified Buyer Grenada, St. Lucia

VIA Verified Buyer South Africa

I got great service and assistance. I was able to place my order for COVID-19 products with ease. Thanks a lot VIA Global Health South Africa.

VIA Verified Buyer Botswana

For now we are only 5. It becomes difficult to focus on everything – buying, selling, everything. It (the VIA platform) will make my job easier.

Quality Products and Reliable Deliveries

Working with VIA Global health has been the most satisfying experience business wise in my many years of working with international medical companies. From the impeccable communication of the international sales team through Mr. Reza Garda, to the product delivery and packaging.

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VIA Verified Buyer, Gambia

VIA Verified Buyer, Dominican Republic

We have received the Pumani (bCPAP machines), and they have been distributed to the hospitals. This shipment went very smooth.

VIA Verified Buyer, Afghanistan

We have received the NASGs and we love them! Thank you for all your help in getting them here with all of the COVID craziness.

VIA Verified Buyer, St. Kitts

The equipment is now set up in the pediatric ward. Thanks again for all your support and guidance in the ordering and shipping process.

VIA Verified Buyer, Rwanda

Your prompt attention in getting this machine out to us will allow us to begin our cancer prevention program in Rwanda!

VIA Verified Buyer, Zimbabwe

We are in the field. The customers are excited with our products. We will follow up on our quotes and we anticipate more quotes.

Business Growth and Life-Saving Impact

I’m so happy about (the CPAP) mode of operation. It’s so simple and easy to operate. A preterm baby at 29 weeks with a weight of 900g oxygen saturation kept dropping to 60%. When I put him on the CPAP the saturation started going up to 100% and it’s maintained between 98 to 100% for 5 hours now. It’s definitely going to improve survival rate.

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VIA Verified Buyer, Ghana

VIA Verified Buyer, Ghana

You guys have made my work very easy. My business is growing steadily because you are reliable and fast.

VIA Verified Buyer, Pakistan

It’s amazing working with such a professional organization. Looking forward to future business opportunities.

VIA Verified Buyer, Botswana

If you look at the market here, most companies source their supplies because of pricing. And we want to stay away from that market yet be able to compete without compromising our quality… that’s the reason
why we would love to do business with you.

VIA Verified Buyer, Nigeria

Our case was that of a term infant of 10 days of age who came in severe respiratory distress, respiratory rate >80 and hypoxic, oxygen saturation less than 90. We were able to place on the Bubble CPAP and treat for neonatal sepsis and pneumonia with excellent results. She was on the machine for 48 hours and did very well. I am very happy that I got the machine.

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