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Track all of your VIA shipments effortlessly using our user-friendly tracking tools. We’re dedicated to ensuring your shipments reach their destination securely and on time. Rest easy, and feel confident with VIA as your trusted shipping partner.

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Frequently asked shipping questions

Once I place an order, how long does it take before the order is shipped from your warehouse?

We will initiate the order once the payment is received, and depending upon the order size and stock availability, the time-frame can vary. If products are in stock the shipment will begin moving within 2-3 days.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We will initiate the order once the payment is received, and depending upon the order size and stock availability, the timeline can vary. If products are in stock, the shipment will usually arrive within 1-2 weeks (air) or 30-45 days (ocean). If not in stock, timing would be subject to the production timeline.

Do you ship through ocean or air freight?

We ship through all methods, and have delivered via air, ocean and ground. We will look to you to provide us guidelines for your timing and budget and we can customize from there.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to all countries. Our intention is to increase access to critical medical devices throughout the world, so we do not limit the countries we ship to. If anything, we focus more on the challenging countries that few others have the knowledge to work within. Most of our shipments are into Africa, Latin America/Caribbean and Asia.

Do you ship through couriers like DHL, Fedex or UPS?

Yes we will use carriers like this on occasion, and only when the service and price is in the best interests of our customer. Typically, for smaller orders these carriers are the option chosen.

Which carrier do you use for shipping my order?

We have a network of hundreds of carriers that bid on each shipment. We only choose the combination of rate and service for your individual shipment.

Which incoterm do you ship with?

This is customizable based on customer need, but typically our incoterms are CIP, excluding local duties taxes or customs clearance fees.

Do you ship only to the port or directly to my door?

Either, depending on the shipment itself, destination and customer budget. Our typical shipment is to the port, where the customer will arrange for clearance and final delivery.

Do you handle the customs process?

We can offer this service, but find that the local business in the destination has the most expertise in their local market and customs processes. Most shipments are delivered to port on a CIP incoterm, excluding local delivery, duties and taxes.

What is the cost to ship my order?

This would depend completely upon the product ordered, quantity, and speed of delivery. We customize your shipping to your individual needs. If you prefer more affordable we can offer ocean freight. If you need it immediately we can arrange by air. This is all up to your timeline and budget. Regardless of the method we have a team whose job it is to find you the best rates and options possible.

Do you ship to my country?

Absolutely. We ship throughout the world and have already shipped to over 50 countries.

How do I track my order status?

You will be sent a tracking link and shipping documents (e.g. Commercial Invoice, Airway Bill) which will allow you to both track and prepare for your shipment arrival.

Where do your products ship from?

We drop ship from the product’s warehouse, which are located throughout the world. We ship from warehouses in the US, Canada, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, South Africa, Israel and many others.

What happens if my products are damaged in shipping or not sent correctly?
As we have strong relationships with our sellers and freight partners, we hold each accountable if a shipment arrives damaged or with the wrong product. We also always include insurance for the shipment for additional security. Our buyers should feel secure that when they buy from VIA, their best interests are our first priority.

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