VIA Rewards Points


Example: spend $10,000 USD


Example: earn 10,000 VIA Reward Points


Example: save $100 USD
Because our customer relationships mean everything to us, we thank our buyers for their trust and their loyalty. As you purchase and engage with VIA, you earn VIA Rewards Points to be used towards discounts on products, shipping or samples. Thank you for letting VIA be a part of your business.
VIA Reward Points System
First purchase, double points: for every $1 USD spent on your first order with VIA Global Health, receive 2 VIA Rewards Points

Additional purchases: for every $1 USD spent on product, earn 1 VIA Rewards Point

Additional Ways to Earn
First Customer Research interview: 50,000 pts
Additional Customer Research interviews: 25,000 pts
VIA Reward Points Details
How do my VIA Reward Points convert to discounts?
Every time you place an order for an eligible product, VIA Rewards Points are credited to your account. For example, if you purchase an item for $5,000 USD (ex-factory), you earn 5,000 VIA Rewards Points. You can then redeem for a $50 discount on your next order. You may choose to use VIA Rewards Points accumulated on previous orders toward future purchases when you place an order.
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Can I earn VIA Reward Points on discounted orders?
The VIA Rewards Points are calculated after all discounts are applied.
On what part of my purchase are VIA Reward Points earned?
VIA Rewards Points are only earned on products, not on shipping costs, tax, tariffs or other fees.
When will my VIA Reward Points be available?
Your VIA Rewards Points are available to your account one week after your order is delivered.
What happens to my VIA Reward Points if I return an order?
VIA Rewards Points will be deducted for returned items. If you have already applied the points earned for a returned item on a subsequent order, the value of these points will be deducted from your return credit.
Do my VIA Reward Points expire?
Unused VIA Rewards Points will expire 24 months from date of issue.
Anything else I should know?
When you join our VIA Rewards program, you’ll also be added to our email newsletter list. Each email includes a link to opt-out of future emails, and we don’t share your email address with anyone else. There is no obligation to stay on our email list but if you do, you’ll receive special offers and discount codes exclusively for VIA Rewards members.



“You’ve been of great assistance and very key in ensuring this works and we remain grateful to you. Payment arrangements will definitely be made as we complete contract obligations. Expect regular feedback beginning early today my time.”

VIA Verified Buyer, Zambia


“Yes sure you’re the first one I contact whenever something comes up. You’re a really reliable and genuine source.”

VIA Verified Buyer, Pakistan


“That’s really amazing. It’s amazing working with such a professional organisation. Looking forward to you for future business opportunities.”

VIA Verified Buyer, Pakistan