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Come Help Us Make Global Health a Better Place.

Medical equipment and supplies can only save lives if they reach the people who need them. VIA is a rapidly growing B2B global services company committed to making this happen, regardless of where our customers live and work. Our team works to ensure that customers all over the world have equitable access to medical products and the information necessary to make informed purchase decisions.

Pumani CPAP

Open Roles

AT VIA, we believe everyone should have access to life-saving medical equipment and supplies, regardless of where they live…join us in this mission!

Financial Products Manager

Nairobi, Kenya

Excited about our mission but don’t see a skills-match to the posted jobs? VIA is growing quickly and eager to hear from ambitious, collaborative, and talented individuals who might help with short term needs or be a fit for an upcoming position. If you feel you have a skill or background to advance our mission and company growth, reach us here!

5 Reasons to Work at VIA

VIA- more than a job-fit, also a “life-fit”


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At VIA we believe that our business and our impact is strongest when we work together, exchange ideas, and show up with humility and curiosity

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We are on an exciting path to scale, and want colleagues to join us on the journey who want to grow professionally and personally as a part of contributing to VIA’s growth
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We believe that our best work happens when our whole selves are cared for, which is why at VIA we trust ourselves as professionals to get our work done, while still respecting other important demands. With a global team, flexibility and balance are essential characteristics of our “workplace”
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Creative problem-solving

Tackling big challenges is core to our business, we embrace entrepreneurial thinking and encourage bold ideas, not satisfied with the status quo
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Global frontiers

VIA’s center of gravity is in Nairobi, but our work is global and we build our team with that mindset. There are endless opportunities to connect and engage and help solve impactful problems alongside people and businesses across the globe