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VIA Global Health’s transparent e-catalog and supporting services provide access to globally dispersed suppliers of essential medical devices and equipment. We help our customers make the best purchasing decisions by offering information and products that meet a variety of healthcare needs.

Newborn Respiratory and Oxygen Support Products

Which newborn respiratory and oxygen support products are best for you? Visit VIA’s Buyers Guides to learn more about how these devices are used, and which one may work for you and your healthcare setting. From pulse oximeters, to innovative bCPAPs, to resuscitation devices and oxygen accessories, VIA shares expertise and offers affordable equipment and supplies in these guides.


Newborn Jaundice Products

How to choose jaundice meters and phototherapy devices is an important decision. VIA Global Health sources products to diagnose and treat newborn jaundice, and our Buyers Guides provide information and details about the condition and related products. Let us help you make a well-informed decision.


Temperature Stability Products for Newborns

Deciding between devices for treating and monitoring newborn hypothermia? VIA has incubators, radiant warmers, wraps, and temperature monitors to help with thermal protection and temperature stability for babies, and our Buyers Guides can help you choose which device will help safely care for newborns with hypothermia.


Cervical Cancer Products

Do you need products for diagnosing and treating Cervical Cancer or pre-cancerous lesions? VIA Global Health has several products to assist health care workers and women, including curettes, ferris subsulfate solution, a colposcope system, and a thermocoagulator. Learn more about Cervical Cancer and the products we offer in this Buyers Guide.

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VIA Global Health fills the gap in global healthcare distribution by eliminating the friction that exists between buyers and sellers of medical products. These inefficiencies often impact underserved communities the most, which is why we specialize in verifying, sourcing and shipping medical supplies to hard to reach communities.


Healthcare is a basic human right, regardless of where you live. It doesn’t matter which continent you’re located or how big your budgets are – we provide transparent solutions to access essential medical devices and equipment globally.

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