Meet Our Team

Team’s Mission

At VIA, we believe distribution inequity of critical medical supplies is unfair and addressable, and a patient’s access to healthcare innovation shouldn’t be dependent on where they were born.

Our mission at VIA is to enable universal access to the tools that enable quality healthcare through our digital platform, improving the delivery of healthcare products and services to underserved communities around the globe.

Noah Perin

Noah is CEO of VIA Global Health, supporting a global team on their mission to make it possible for anyone in the world to purchase the medical products they need. He founded VIA with the fundamental belief that regardless of where you are born, everyone deserves equal access to the tools that enable quality healthcare. 


Mike Miranda

As Head of Shipping and Logistics, Mike joined the VIA Global Health team with over 25 years of experience in the freight forwarding and customer brokerage industry. Mike’s goals have always been to provide strong customer service, with a priority on customer retention in global markets. At VIA Global Health, his goals are to provide affordable shipping services to customers across the globe, while maintaining a strong focus on customer service and support.

Brinnon Mandel

As VP for Strategic Partnerships, leads VIA’s efforts to find new solutions and collaborations that can expand our reach and increase our impact. She loves connecting with VIA’s buyers to learn about their needs and how VIA and our partners can and deliver better products and services to these markets. 


Jocelyn Light

As VP Seller Experience, Jocelyn leads the global supply team at VIA. She brings with her years of experience scaling international teams in the tech space. Seeking to couple this experience with her education in biomedical engineering brought her to VIA Global Health where her main objective is to curate a product catalogue that is responsive to our customers’ needs. She enjoys working closely with manufacturers and innovators of medical devices to understand and solve their challenges when expanding into underserved markets. 


Reza Garda

As Global Sales and Business development, Reza has grown with the VIA team since June 2017 after previously working in the IT sales industry for 13 years. His primary focus has been sales, with a strong concentration on business development and relationship building in a highly technical field. His passion for broadening his knowledge has led him to VIA Global Health, where he currently leads customer relationships Globally. Reza is based in VIA’s Cape Town office.


Nellyann Ndumi

As the Seller Experience Manager, Nellyann builds and maintains healthy relationships with distributors; with a focus on African, European and Asian Manufacturers. She brings with her years of experience in relationship and client management as well as business development. Her main objectives will be  ensuring VIA maintains a seamless product and manufacturer onboarding, a healthy catalogue and ultimately ensuring success for VIA’s sellers and customers. 


Jacob Wikingellis

As Director of Platform for VIA, Jacob manages the many VIA websites used for distributing health. Jacob was an integral part of his previous employer’s European expansion strategy and looks forward to seeing how that will benifit the global healthcare market. Having lived and worked in New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil and Sweden, he seeks ways to balance the concern of globalization in emerging markets through a personalize eCommerce experience.