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Addressing Oxygen Access and Distribution: Saving Lives through Enhanced Solutions

Medical oxygen plays a critical role in providing effective and quality healthcare. However, ensuring adequate access and distribution of oxygen remains a significant challenge in low-middle income countries (LMICs). Oxygen therapy is essential for treating a wide range of conditions affecting people of all ages, including emergencies, surgeries, childhood pneumonia, newborn conditions, and pandemics like COVID-19. Unfortunately, LMICs often struggle with insufficient oxygen availability, with surveys indicating that fewer than half of health facilities in these countries have uninterrupted access to oxygen. This lack of reliable oxygen supplies contributes to preventable deaths, such as the annual toll of over 100,000 deaths from childhood pneumonia. Addressing this issue requires investments in infrastructure, innovative solutions, and strengthened healthcare systems. 


To bridge the oxygen gap, it is crucial to invest in infrastructure for oxygen production, storage, and distribution. Building robust systems that can reliably supply oxygen to healthcare facilities is essential. This involves establishing or upgrading oxygen plants, storage facilities, and distribution networks. Additionally, the infrastructure should prioritize uninterrupted power supply, adequate storage capacity, and efficient transportation mechanisms to ensure oxygen reaches the areas that need it most. 


Developing affordable solutions for oxygen generation and delivery is another key aspect of improving access. One approach is the implementation of on-site oxygen generation systems. These systems produce oxygen locally, reducing the dependence on external suppliers and minimizing transportation challenges. Renewable energy-powered oxygen concentrators are another promising solution that can provide a sustainable source of oxygen in resource-constrained settings. Exploring low-cost oxygen delivery and monitoring devices can also enhance accessibility and improve patient care. 


VIA Global Health recognizes the vital importance of oxygen access in preventing unnecessary deaths among newborns, children, and adults worldwide. As a distribution channel for life-saving healthcare products, VIA collaborates with manufacturers and innovators who are dedicated to improving access and delivery of reliable medical oxygen. VIA’s catalog includes a wide range of products, including oxygen concentrators, O2 Cube, bCPAPs for newborns, pulse oximeters for oxygen monitoring, and other essential devices. Through these collaborations and partnerships, VIA Global Health strives to contribute to a healthier and brighter future for all by ensuring access to life-saving oxygen solutions.

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The challenge of oxygen access and distribution in LMICs demands immediate attention. By investing in infrastructure, promoting innovative solutions, and strengthening health systems, we can bridge the oxygen gap and save countless lives. VIA Global Health’s commitment to partnering with manufacturers and innovators demonstrates the collective effort required to address this critical issue. Together, we can ensure that reliable medical oxygen reaches those who need it most, enabling quality healthcare and a brighter future for everyone.


Join us on 29th June 2023 to hear from a panel of thought leaders, innovators, and experts in medical oxygen and product innovation discussing the theme “Innovative Approaches to Medical Oxygen Access in LMICs: Leveraging Technology for Last-Mile Delivery and Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” – This theme would focus on the innovative approaches and solutions being developed to address medical oxygen shortages in LMICs, with a particular emphasis on leveraging technology for last-mile delivery. The panel discussion could include experts from healthcare technology companies, NGOs, and policymakers to discuss the use of technology.


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