ObGyn Delivery Table DT 100


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The ObGyn Delivery Table DT 100 is a flexible squatting delivery table designed for use in maternity wards and labor rooms.
• Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 piece
• Seller Name: Phoenix Medical Systems
• Seller Location: India
• Warranty Term: 1 year
• Regulatory Approval: CE, ISO 13485

Additional information

Weight 183.0 kg
Dimensions 137.0 × 91.0 × 97.0 cm


The ObGyn Delivery Table DT 100 is a flexible delivery table designed for use in maternity wards and labor rooms. It has an array of user-friendly features and has been designed keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the mother, while maintaining a durable construction.

Key Features

Height Adjustment
The seat and backrest can be lowered to a height of just 16 inches above the ground. This makes it safer and easier for the patient to get on and off. Height and orientation of arm restraints also adjustable for intravenous infusions.

Detachable Calf Supports and Leg Rests
The supports help the patient to be positioned comfortably. They meet the requirements of both the professional and the patient.

U-Cut Seat
The U-cut mattress is ideal for positioning and access.

Firm Hand Grip
The ergonomically designed hand grips permit the mother to maintain a convenient posture.

Emergency CPR Positioning
The optional emergency CPR release feature of the backrest is designed for critical situations.

Battery Backup (Optional)
The battery backup supports up to 50 movements.

Stainless Steel Catch Basin
The optional catch basin is provided below the U-cut of the mattress.

Foot-Operated Controls
Can be positioned at ease while the medical personnel tends to the mother. Optional hand-operated controls in lieu of foot-operated controls can be provided.

Integrated IV Pole
Adjustable integrated IV pole can be positioned on either side of the bed.


Available upon request

Standard Accessories

  • Catch basin (1x)
  • Foot operated switch (1x)
  • Arm rest left & right (1x each)
  • IV pole (1x)
  • Paper roll holder (1x)
  • Restraint straps for body (1x)
  • Restraint strap for legs (2x)
  • Optional Accessories & Add-ons

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    Regulatory Certificates

    ISO 13485 Certificate

    CE Certificate


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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Studies & Trials

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    Package Contents

  • 1x ObGyn Delivery Table DT 100 – Including Two Motors for Height Adjustment & Backrest Adjustment
  • 1x Removable seat section
  • 4x Locking castors
  • 1x Catch basin
  • 1x Foot operated switch
  • 1x Arm rest left & 1x right
  • 1x IV pole
  • 1x Paper roll holder
  • 1x Restraint straps for body
  • 2x Restraint strap for legs
  • Warranty

    This warranty covers repair/replacement of any defective hardware items, contingent to these defects having arisen only out of defective material or workmanship. If brought to the notice of Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd in writing on or before the date of expiry of the warranty mentioned on the warranty card. The warranty is applicable for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning or 13 months from the date of dispatch from Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd, whichever is earlier. The parts or products not manufactured by Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd but supplied as a part of an equipment shall be covered by this warranty.

    The warranty does not cover:
    Misuse, negligence, accidents and improper handling. Improper installation or maintenance practice or any alteration carried out on the equipment. Wear and tear occurring due to normal usage. Consumables such as skin temperature probe, CFL lamps carry a warranty of six months.