InnAccel Saans CPAP

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The SAANS device is an infrastructure-independent, easy-to-use, sensor-based device that provides CPAP, HFNC, and Resuscitation therapies to neonates and pediatric patients.
• Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 1 device
• Seller Name: InnAccel
• Seller Location: India
• Warranty Term: 1 years
• Regulatory Approval: ISO 13485

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The SAANS device universalizes access to breathing support for neonates and pediatric patients, thus ensuring that patients in ANY hospital or transport setting have access to life-saving respiratory therapy. The device can provide a range of therapy options and is designed to be usable even in settings with minimal infrastructure. The sensor-based system also brings superior usability and feedback, thus improving clinical patient care.

Important Purchasing Information

Regulatory Restrictions : USA and US Territories, Western Europe

Unable to sell into: India, Ethiopia

5 days.
Currently in stock: 3 month lead time for >100 unit orders

MOQ Shipping Dimensions (Depth), cm = 70
MOQ Shipping Dimensions (Length), cm = 70
MOQ Shipping Dimensions (Width), cm = 75
MOQ Shipping Weight (G.W) (kgs) = 25

Key Features

The SAANS device is infrastructure independent. Its portability and ease-of-use ensures that it can be used efficiently in a hospital setting as well as in a transport setting. It can be used across multiple wards in the hospital; from NICU to labor to the ICU.

Within one device, one can achieve CPAP, HFNC and resuscitation Therapy for neonatal and pediatric patients. It is also Compatible with universal AC input with backup battery providing 4-6 hours of power.

The SAANS is compatible with multiple Oxygen sources: central line, cylinder and Oxygen concentrators. It also comes with an in-built flow generator and air-oxygen blending.

Displays and Alerts
It comes with alerts that signal changes in pressure, flow, FiO2, leakage and disconnection. It also has a large display and single control knob.


Parameter Control and Display

    • Digital control and display of Flow Rate – set and actual values
    • Digital control and display of FiO2 – set and actual values
    • Digital control and display of PIP and PEEP (Resuscitation mode)
    • Digital display of Pressure (CPAP mode)
    • Integrated 8-inch LCD Display
    • Parameter control with single touch knob
    • External pressure control using PEEP valve or Bubble Jar options

    Device Output (Flow and Pressure)


          • Flow: 2 to 60 LPM
          • Pressure (CPAP mode): 2 to 12 cm H2O
          • PIP (Resuscitation mode): 5 to 40 cm H2O
          • PEEP (Resuscitation mode): 2 to 10 H2O
          • FiO2: 21% – 100%
          • Separate modes for CPAP, HFNC, and Resuscitation delivery

      Output Accuracy


            • <2% Full-Scale Value

        Standard Accessories

        • 1x Saans Main Unit
        • 1x Trolley
        • 1x Servo-controlled Humidifier with clamp
        • 1x Bubble Jar with clamp

        Optional Accessories & Add-ons

        Handle for Saans Main Unit: bCPAP heated wire circuit: bCPAP interface (oxygen cannula: 3 sizes): HFNC heated wire circuit: HFNC cannula (5 sizes): Saans air filter

        Product Documents, Manuals & Brochures

        InnAccel Saans spec thumb


        SAANS MSDS thumb


        Regulatory Certificates

        InnAccel Saans EN ISO thumb

        ISO 13485



        Not available at this time


        Package Contents

        • Saans Main Unit (1x)
        • Braided Oxygen Hose (1x)
        • Power Cord (1x)
        • Device spacer and screws (1x)
        • Trolley (1x)
        • Servo-controlled Humidifier with clamp (1x)
        • Bubble Jar with clamp (1x)


        1 year

        Exclusions – battery, oxygen sensor

        We do offer warranties for all products that require them, and we carry through the manufacturer warranty directly. You can be confident in buying with us that you will be covered in case of defects (which rarely happen).


        Not available at this time


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