Nov 24, 2015 | Latest News

Arbutus Drill Cover on the VIA Marketplace!

We are excited to announce the availability of the Arbutus Drill Cover on the VIA Marketplace!

The Arbutus Drill Cover enables surgeons to safely use a low-cost hardware drill within a clean surgical environment, allowing the use of a $100 drill in place of expensive $30,000 surgical drills. The device is autoclave sterilizable and reusable.


View Arbutus Drill Cover on the VIA Marketplace]

The Drill Cover has to date treated over 4,000 patients across a number of emerging markets as well as emergency relief situations, with resounding positive feedback from surgeons.

The robust surgical-grade textile, combined with a custom water-proof chuck adapter interface, maintains a completely sealed barrier between the non-sterile drill on the inside and the sterile surgical field outside.


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